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Structured Cabling!

Technology evolves and changes at a breakneck pace, sometimes quicker than you can imagine. These new tools have the potential to improve business productivity, security, and agility. These tools, on the other hand, require the correct network to function.

What Is Structured Cabling?
Structured cabling is a network made up of smaller, standardised components. Structured cabling systems can be installed in a building or throughout a campus. This type of network cabling is capable of supporting all of the continuously evolving technology in the office. Point-to-point cabling was previously employed, which meant that each piece of hardware had its own cable. The cabling practically ran from one end of the room to the other. This would result in a disorganised mess of wire and cables that could be disconnected accidently or cause tripping hazards. Structured cabling systems were developed to meet the growing demand for speed and bandwidth, and they are now the industry standard.

Why should you use Structured Cabling?
If your company is small, point-to-point cabling may have previously served you well. The amount of data consumed and sent grows as firms grow and add more technology to their armoury. It's difficult to comb through all the associated wires in a point-to-point system only to move, add, or replace something. Furthermore, pinpointing and locating a problem can take a long time. You're investing in a scalable infrastructure when you construct a structured cabling system. Because the quantity of technology utilised in the office is only going to increase, it's critical that your network be able to meet all of your speed and bandwidth requirements. Video, voice, apps, and any other tool you might utilise at your company are all supported by structured cabling systems. Distinct types of cables serve different tasks in the infrastructure, yet they all work together. Structured cabling can help you keep up with the constant addition of new technologies and tools to the workplace.

    Benefits You Can Expect from SPS’s Structured Cabling services:
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Structured cabling systems are an excellent approach to reduce obsolescence expenses. A simple point-to-point cabling arrangement will no longer suffice when new technologies arise. As your office's technological toolset grows, you'll need a cabling infrastructure that can keep up.

  • Flexibility
  • A structured cabling system allows you to simply relocate, add, or upgrade devices at your organisation. Everything is routed through the MDA, or Main Distribution Center, so all of your cables are gathered in one location. If you want to upgrade your systems in the future, you'll need this flexibility.

  • Reliability
  • The speed, performance, and dependability of your company's network will all benefit from structured cabling. A structured cabling system can handle your company's data, video, and media needs, allowing you to get the most out of your network in the event that it has to expand.

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