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Performance-management Services

Performance-management Services !

Your staff are your most valuable asset, but managing them is one of your most difficult tasks. SPS assists you with everything from new recruit paperwork to performance reviews. SPS can relieve you of the administrative responsibilities that come with managing workers. Furthermore, our HR professionals verify that your employee rules are compliant with all legal regulations and standards, ensuring that you are protected from costly fines. You'll keep complete control over your personnel, while we'll assist you in making those decisions.

SPS provides a full range of employee performance management services, including the following:

Descriptions of Positions:
Quality job descriptions are essential for attracting top people to your company. We'll make sure your job postings not only catch people's attention, but also set clear expectations from the outset.

New Hire Paperwork:
Employment contracts, W-4s, and I-9 forms are among the paperwork required for new hires. The quantity of new hire documentation you need to obtain may be confusing and burdensome. Employment Eligibility Verification, employee handbook acknowledgement, the list goes on—the amount of new hire paperwork you need to obtain can be confusing and burdensome. Allow us to relieve you of the administrative strain of gathering new employee information.

Performance Reviews:
Conducting a performance review or assessment allows you to set goals and expectations for employees as well as provide the feedback they require to succeed in your firm. We'll assist you in documenting reviews so that you can not only keep track of your employees' performance but also protect yourself from legal action.

Employee Rewards Programs:Performance Reviews:
Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs: Employee recognition and rewards programmes can be a terrific method to demonstrate thanks and motivate staff. We'll work with you to develop a method for rewarding great achievement, whether through a pay boost, a job promotion, or some other means.

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