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According to current estimates, approximately 90% of all email traffic is unwanted, malicious, or offensive. Spam and other messages containing harmful content are expensive to your business. Employee morale suffers as a result, and security risks and legal liability rise. Spam filtering software eliminates risk and allows the workers to return to work. SPS Cloud Solutions is pleased to have a diverse range of email security solutions. For high reliability, all of these services are hosted in the cloud. They also have email failover mechanisms in place to keep your company's emails safe if your email service goes down. Message continuity, email archiving, confidentiality, and other features are included in each of these email security suites.

With phishing, spoofing, and other email-based attacks on the rise, having a reliable email security service has never been more critical. However, with so many choices, determining which is the right fit for your company can be challenging. We've created an Email Security Comparison Chart to help you see the disparities at a glance. Alternatively, schedule a phone appointment with one of our specialist experts to determine the right option for your company quickly.

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