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IP telephone systems

IP telephone systems!

IP telephony refers to any phone system that sends and receives voice data over the internet. Unlike traditional telephones, which use landlines to transmit analogue signals, IP phones use a router and modem to connect to the internet.

IP telephony services from SPS now provide HD voice quality, lower operating expenses, and innovative corporate phone capabilities. And there's no requirement for any kind of upfront investment!

Why are so many organisations adopting this technology?

  • Up to 60% Cheaper than Landlines
  • To begin with, VoIP is much less expensive than typical commercial plans. When compared to a comparable business landline service, switching to SPS's unlimited VoIP plan can save you up to 60%.

  • More Features Without Extra Hardware:
  • IP telephony also allows your company to take advantage of sophisticated features without having to invest in additional hardware.

      For example:
    • Advanced Call Routing
    • Auto Attendant
    • Call Queues
    • Call Pop
    • Call Recording
    • IVR
    • Instant Messaging
    • Video Conferencing

    SPS offers comprehensive corporate plans that contain all of our VoIP features, as well as the option to upgrade your plan to include the features you require.

  • Easy Integration with CRM and Other Business Tools:
  • VoIP makes integrating phone communications with CRM and other business tools a lot easier.
    IP telephony and VoIP are a no-brainer for many firms since they allow them to consolidate data and provide consistent customer care across numerous channels (at a cheaper cost).

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