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Cloud Migration and Deployment!

WSPS cloud solutions, a respected cloud service company with years of experience, provides easy-to-adopt and time-effective migration solutions to a wide range of customers. To assist you with a smooth cloud migration journey, we combine practical expertise with technology and business strategy.


Our AWS accredited solution architects will help you create and implement an Amazon Cloud Migration strategy that will improve the performance of your applications. Our expertise will allow you to easily move any part of your software, computing, and storage operations from your current infrastructure to the Amazon Cloud.

Strategy and Evaluation

We have cloud migration strategies to assist you in defining your digital path. Our service entails evaluating workloads to determine whether or not they are cloud-ready for application migration. The tried-and-true approach is tweaked to improve market outcomes and overall outcomes.

Migration to the Cloud

Our cloud migration strategy would make it easier for you to migrate your application workloads to a more efficient operating model. We provide solutions that make application migration and modernization easier, as well as enabling the development of new cloud-native applications and transforming the infrastructure.


Following the transfer of workloads to the cloud, we ensure that you get the most out of your cloud investments. We include a range of services to make managing your cloud environment easier. Our cloud governance frameworks are tailored to your company's specific value development, benefits, and resource optimization needs.

  • Aligning the AWS Cloud approach with the company's overall goals.
  • Architecting, constructing, and maintaining Amazon cloud infrastructure.
  • Analyzing the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Identifying the most effective AWS Cloud resource provisioning and management methods.
  • Identifying and mapping device dependencies.
  • For a comprehensive Amazon cloud roadmap, describe best practises, find resources and frameworks..
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